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UPDATE: Season Start further Delayed

From the NWSF Association …..

NWSF COVID-19 Update

As you will have heard, FFA has issued a further statement on 1 April which extends the suspension of all football activities to 31 May. From a competition perspective, we are still working towards a 2020 football season with the clear intention of trying to get as many games played as possible. At this stage we will commence on the weekend of 6/7 June. The good news is that for most age groups we can still play a FULL season with only a few modified competitions with a June start. An updated schedule is available on the NWSF website. Further restrictions however will reduce our traditional season and we are currently addressing what this means for registration fees. As you may appreciate, there have been costs incurred at every level of the game to prepare for the season before a ball is kicked. FFA, Football NSW and NWSF have all made cost cuts and are minimising any future costs while preparing to recommence football. With each week missed, there is also a drop in the cost of running competitions, and any possible benefits from Government funding packages also need to be considered. Until we know the full extent of the impact it is very difficult to have definite answers on the question of refunds. So, we are asking for all clubs, players, parents, referees and volunteers to be patient and consider the broader interests of the game we all love. We want to get you out on the park and will do our very best to ensure that happens in a safe environment with an appropriate registration fee for the games played. We have updated the FAQs which can be seen here How can you stay involved?

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  • U9 to U12 - Skills Program Free for Local Clubs

    • Kickstart has given NWSF local players their full individual player training program App with videos for FREE

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    • Weekend Fitness and Health - Dr Craig Duncan - NWS Spirit/Koalas Director of High Performance

    • How do I get involved?

In the meantime we trust you and your family stay healthy and please follow the guidelines issued by the Dept of Health on how to protect yourself and others which are available here.

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