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RETURN to Training update from Football NSW

Dear all,

We have yet to receive any formal advice from the NSW Government, via the Office of Sport, concerning their proposed Framework for their guidelines concerning ‘return to training’. As such, our own Football Guidelines for Returning to Training (and related resources) have not been able to be adapted to reflect the Government’s framework, and therefore, have not been approved.

As a result, we are unfortunately unable to issue them at this stage.

As was stated in my previous email to you, we envisaged some slippage, and therefore we still need to work towards our intended stated date for a return to training of next Wednesday (20 May 2020). Therefore, there can be NO training or any football activities for the time being and especially over this weekend.

I am also aware that similar to us, a number of Councils are awaiting the green light from the Government, and they will not be opening their fields for training and other sporting activities until this is received. A number of Councils are also looking to us (and/or our clubs) to provide them with our Guidelines for all to comply with.

For the avoidance of all doubt, the temporary suspension of football activities STILL REMAINS in New South Wales, and therefore any training or games will be unsanctioned. The Football NSW Insurance Scheme, therefore, will not apply and any player, coach, team or club which organises or participates in any football activity is at risk of not being covered. By way of example, players may not be covered for any injuries they suffer during training, coaches may not be covered should a player injure themselves while under the coach’s supervision and the club and club officials may not be covered should a player injure themselves during a training session approved by the club or its officials.

We commit to keeping you informed as soon as we hear something.

Regards, Stuart Hodge

CEO Football NSW

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