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Season Update - 23 May 2020

From the NWSF Association …..

FNSW has confirmed that the suspension of football activities will be rescinded from 12noon Friday and training can commence provided it complies with the revised Public Health Order – note the FNSW Return to Training Guidelines are based on the revised PHO. A final version of the guidelines and checklist are attached and other resources are available here:

We are still awaiting confirmation from Councils that they will allow access and take bookings for fields and will let you know as soon as they do.

Based on this NWSF is planning on a Return to Play and season commencement date of the weekend of 4/5 July.

We are also in discussions with Councils and summer sports and hopeful that we will have access to fields through to the weekend of 3/4 October. The proposed competition schedule is attached which shows:

  • 6 team competitions will play two rounds with a finals round robin over 4 weeks

  • 8 team competitions will play two rounds with a first past the post Premier. If we can access the fields on the weekend of 10/11 October we will play a 1 v 2 Grand Final, but this will need to be confirmed

  • 10 team competitions will play one round then split into 2 conferences based on ladder position (1, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 2, 3, 5, 7, 9) and play another 4 matches with first past the post Premiers based on a full season ladder. If another weekend is possible, then a 1 v 2 grand final will be played

  • PL is as per the 10 team competitions, but a 1v2 GF will be played at Christie Park on 10 Oct

  • SL is as per 8 team competitions with a 1 v 2 GF on 10 Oct

  • Washed out rounds will not be rescheduled

Based on the above arrangements, NWSF will be charging clubs the normal registration fees. Also please note the following arrangements for registrations/de-registrations:

  • Players currently Active in Play Football will have until 5 June if they wish to de-register. Those who de-register cannot re-register with NWSF in 2020

  • NWSF will not charge clubs for de-registered players (nor pass on any FNSW/FFA charge if any) who de-register prior to 5 June. Thereafter, clubs will be charged 100% of the registration fees for de-registered players

  • Clubs can determine if they wish to charge de-registered players a minimal admin fee (to cover equipment and admin overheads) for those who de-register prior to 5 June

  • Active Kids Vouchers cannot be refunded to players as per NSW Government requirements

  • NWSF will accept nomination of new teams from clubs, and clubs to advise of any teams withdrawing by 7 June.

  • Otherwise, new players can register to existing teams – to play in the first round, the cut-off will be 15 June

  • Thereafter, new players must be registered, and club approved by Weds prior to each round

  • Registrations will close for the year on 31 July

  • There will be no refunds if the season is reduced by wet weather

The Association will offer to process de-registrations and refunds to players on behalf of players if your club agrees.

When a player requests to de-register we will provide them a form for their bank details, confirm the amount to be refunded with the club (if the club wishes to retain an admin fee), process the refund to the player and then invoice the club for the relevant amount which will be done when we invoice clubs for their registered players.

An EDM will be sent to all registered players with the above information as well as the return to training guidelines.


Mark Lockie



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