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Winter 2021 - Season Cancelled

Dear Clubs

With the current lockdown orders until August 28 at the earliest, even if the NSW Government was to end the lockdown on that date, indications from Football NSW are that the NSW Government will follow last year’s plan in easing restrictions in a staggered manner meaning it is highly unlikely football matches will be able to be played until late September at the earliest. Together with the increased risk to children from the current variant, we need to be conscious of the health and safety of our players.

Therefore, the FMC supported by the NWSF Board, has made the difficult decision to abandon the 2021 season. It should be noted that many other local Associations have also cancelled their seasons in recent days, as has other sports.

The following decisions have also been made:

2021 Premiers

Premiers will be declared in all competitive divisions (U12 and above) based on a Points per Match calculation. This method was used in many competitions around the world last year in determining Premiers. The usual method of determining Premiers where teams are equal on PPM will be used. Please see attached for the full tables and PPM calculations. Premiers have been highlighted.

Premiers Medals

All teams declared Premiers in the competitive divisions (U12 and above) will receive Premiers Medals. Arrangements will be made to distribute these to clubs as soon as possible.

Perpetual Trophies

No perpetual trophies will be awarded for the 2021 season. This includes Club Championships and other annual awards.

Promotion and Relegation (Mixed PL and SL)

Promotion and relegation in PL/SL will not apply in 2021.

We appreciate this has been another difficult year for clubs and we thank you for your patience whilst the implications from the latest outbreak have become clearer.

The NWSF Board will also be considering the financial implications of these arrangements, but need to wait until FNSW provide some confirmation on whether there will be an adjustment to their fees. However, as previously advised, due to the impracticality of paying refunds to individual players, we will consider other measures for 2022.


Mark Lockie

Chief Executive Officer


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