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Ground & Weather


Unfortunately ground closures occur, completely out of our control. This may lead to postponement or cancellation of team training and professional coaching sessions,  as well as weekend fixtures.


Local councils are responsible for ground closures in the event of rain and extreme weather. These closures are listed on each governing council's website (linked below) and are updated via Dribl as soon as possible. Different councils may close grounds at different times during the day.

Morrison Bay Park is classified as a turf field and is monitored by Ryde Council.

Sports Field Flag

Ryde Council

Sportsground Status 

In the event of rain, the wet weather information line will be updated weekdays by 9am and 2pm respectively.

Council ground staff will assess sporting fields on Friday afternoon for Saturday play by 2pm; and on Saturday afternoon for Sunday play by 4pm.

Overnight rain (on Friday or Saturday) will require the ground hirer to assess suitability for play. Significant rainfall on Friday may result in ground closures for the entire weekend.


These decisions are final.


Parramatta Council

Sportsground Status

The status of a sporting field is updated by 2:30pm on weekdays in the event of sporting fields needing to be closed.

When a ground is closed it is closed for that night and the following day, until the wet weather line is updated again in the afternoon.


Sports ground floodlighting is not operational when fields are closed. This system is controlled and managed by Council's Recreation team.


Hunters Hill Council

Sportsground Status

In the event of wet weather, updates to the status of Council’s sports grounds will be published on this page by 2pm on weekdays. 

If grounds are closed by 2pm on a Friday, the field will remain closed until the following Monday when another assessment will occur.

When grounds are open as at 2pm on Friday and rain then occurs over the weekend, the decision on suitability of the grounds will need to be made by the hirer. The hirer will need to keep in mind that they can be liable for the full costs of repairs to any damage sustained to the playing surface.


Hornsby Shire Council

Sportsground Status

Council decides on the ground status by 2pm each Friday.


If grounds are declared open, play is allowed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the discretion of the club or association.


If grounds are declared closed, play is not allowed on Friday or Saturday. Should conditions improve from the time of closure, play is allowed at the discretion of the club or association for Sunday.

In the event of significant rainfall and consistent wet weather, sports grounds may be closed by Council on Friday afternoon for both Saturday and Sunday fixtures.

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