Gladesville Sharks FC Registration Process For 2021

This page  is intended to outline the processes towards player registration for the 2021 winter season.


In 2021, If you require assistance with your registration, please contact: 

Key Dates

Keys dates for the 2021 Winter Season are:


04 January    Registrations open on PlayFootball

31 January    Club Registration Day at Morrison Bay 10am – 2pm (note: attendance

                      at Club Registration Day is optional and registration can be made

                      directly through PlayFootball)

15 February  Closing date for returning 2020 players to retain priority in Team Formation

15 February  Closing date for submission of full or partial teams (see Team Formation)

22 February  Closing date for registration of minimum number of players in teams to    

                      be registered on PlayFootball to support team nomination with NWSF:

  • four (4) players for U06 to U08

  • five (5) players for U09 to U11

  • seven (7) players for U12 to Over 45.

 01 March       Team nominations submitted to NWSF

 17 April          Season commences


Registration on PlayFootball

All persons in support roles (managers, coaches, volunteers) and players are required to register on the PlayFootball website and become financial (players only) via:


  • payment using credit/debit cards;

  • use of the ActiveKidsVoucher available via ServiceNSW; or

  • application of a SharksVoucher issued by the club.


Gladesville Sharks FC provides for a number of discounts to playing fees as outlined below. Discounts are effected via the Voucher System in PlayFootball and are available by application via email to the Registrar. Players eligible for discounts are issued a voucher number which needs to be applied for and issued prior to actual registration on PlayFootball. Available discounts are:

Multiple Siblings (Junior players only)

The second player within a family is eligible for a 25% discount on playing fees. The third and subsequent players with a family are entitled to a 50% discount.


Hardship Circumstances

Gladesville Sharks FC has a hardship policy which provides for waiving of fees where warranted by difficult personal circumstances. The policy requires the circumstances to be outlined via written or verbal representations to the Registrar and are approved by the Treasurer.

Team Managers/Coaches

In order to reflect the contributions/time commitments made, Gladesville Sharks FC has a policy of waiving fees for team managers/coaches. The waiving of fees is available for both team managers and coaches for junior teams (i.e., 2 sets of fees per team which can be spread 3 ways if preferred) and for the team manager in senior teams (i.e. 1 set of fees per team).


AllAge Student

Gladesville Sharks FC provides a discounted package ($275) for players playing AllAge who are undertaking studies. Eligibility for the AllAge Student package requires players to provide an image of their student card or other documentation which verifies their student status. Verification of student status should be provided when applying for the AllAgeStudent discount.

Life Membership

Gladesville Sharks FC has a policy of waiving fees for life members of the club.

Players will not be eligible to play until they have been activated with NWSF. Activation with NWSF requires players to complete registration in PlayFootball and be fully financial. 

Fee Structure


The fee structure for 2021 is:

Team Formation Process

The team formation process used by Gladesville Sharks FC uses the following guidelines providing minimum and maximum player numbers in a team based on the number of players on the field:

Against these guidelines, team managers can opt to have additional players beyond the maximum number of players in the guidelines on the team listing. Being a club rather than simply a collection of teams, Gladesville Sharks FC reserves the right to allocate players to teams where the number of players in a team is less than the maximum number of players in the guidelines except where a full team has been submitted (see below).

Gladesville Sharks FC is keen to have players from our 2020 registration return in 2021 whilst also encouraging new players to register with the club. To balance these two, returning players will have priority in allocation to teams until 15 February 2021 after which priority will be based on the order of registration on PlayFootball.

Gladesville Sharks FC also recognises that playing with friends is an important part of playing football. To this end, the team formation process provides for a group of players wishing to play together, either as:

  • a full team (number of players in group meets minimum player number in guidelines) or;

  • a partial team (number of players in team is less than minimum number in guidelines)


by emailing a list of players in group to the Registrar. The club guarantees that the player groupings advised in this manner will be reflected in team formation provided that players are registered in PlayFootball by 15 February 2021. Advice of player groupings to registrars also needs to be provided by 15 February 2021.


Gladesville Sharks FC provides a range of support to team training/playing, including attendance at formal coaching courses, but does not provide team managers/coaches. Team managers/coaches need to come from within team parents/friends and be identified as part of the player grouping advice provided.

Additional Documentation
The playfootball website can be accessed by clicking here
Documents to assist with the registration process in play football:
  • Returning player 
  • New player


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Under 8 and 9
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Under 10 and 11
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AllAge and above
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